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Early Summer Glide Bait Fishing

Early summer can be an excellent time for glide bait fishing, as fish are often transitioning to deeper waters and seeking larger meals. Glide baits are effective for targeting big bass, and their unique swimming action can trigger aggressive strikes. Here are some tips for early summer glide bait fishing:

  1. Choose the Right Glide Bait: Select a glide bait that matches the size and color of the local forage. In early summer, fish may be feeding on larger prey, so opt for a moderately sized bait with a realistic appearance. Natural colors like shad or bluegill patterns are often effective.
  2. Focus on Transition Areas: Look for areas where bass are transitioning from shallow to deeper water. This could include points, drop-offs, or channels. Glide baits excel in these transition zones, as they can imitate the movement of larger baitfish.
  3. Vary Your Retrieve Speed: Experiment with different retrieve speeds to find what triggers strikes. A slow, steady retrieve can mimic a wounded or sluggish baitfish, while a faster, erratic retrieve may entice more aggressive strikes. Pay attention to the bass’s behavior and adjust your retrieve accordingly.
  4. Work the Bait Near Cover: Glide baits are effective around cover such as submerged vegetation, fallen trees, or rock structures. Work the bait close to these areas, creating a lifelike presentation. The erratic gliding action can be particularly enticing for bass hiding in cover.
  5. Fish During Low Light Conditions: Early mornings and late evenings are prime times for glide bait fishing. Bass are often more active during these low light conditions, and the larger profile of glide baits can draw attention from big bass looking for a substantial meal.
  6. Use Fluorocarbon Line: Consider using fluorocarbon line, as it has low visibility in the water and sinks, helping to maintain a natural presentation. This is crucial when fishing with glide baits, as a realistic appearance is key to enticing strikes.
  7. Experiment with Depth: Glide baits can be effective at various depths. Adjust the depth at which you are fishing based on the location of the fish. If bass are holding deeper, let the bait sink before starting your retrieve. If they are higher in the water column, fish the bait closer to the surface.

Remember to adapt your techniques based on the specific conditions of the water you’re fishing, and be patient as you explore different depths, retrieve speeds, and areas. Early summer can be a rewarding time for glide bait fishing, especially if you target the right locations and present the bait in an enticing manner.