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Hidden Lake Outpost

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Hidden Lake Outpost

Embark on a Canadian fly-in fishing adventure that leads you to the pristine wilderness of Manitoba, Canada. Here, Hidden Lake Outpost, perched on your very own private lake, promises a trophy fishing experience like no other. You’ll bask in the feeling of being “Hidden” from the rest of the world, focusing solely on the essentials: relaxation and the thrill of fishing.

Trophy Canadian Fishing on Your Private Oasis

When it comes to fishing at this Canadian outpost, one word encapsulates the experience: action. It’s not uncommon for two anglers at Hidden Lake Outpost to catch and release over 100 fish in a single day, with the record standing at a staggering 223 Walleye and Northern Pike caught within a mere 24 hours. Your photos from this Canadian fishing adventure are bound to feature impressive stringers of Canadian Walleye, but the real stars of the show are the trophy Northern Pike, which thrives in the lush cabbage weed-filled bays and inlets that are quintessential to Manitoba Canada’s lakes and rivers.

Hidden Lake Outpost is nestled on a 6,400-acre lake, adorned with a string of islands down its center, making fishing on windy days a breeze, as there are always sheltered fishing spots and calm shorelines to explore.

Access to Premier Trophy Fishing Locations

While reveling in the fishing opportunities at Hidden Lake, you’ll also have access to three additional lakes: Elliot Lake, Thunder Lake, and Blue Walleye Lake. Each of these lakes presents premier trophy fishing experiences with their own distinctive opportunities.

The Unique Geography of Hidden Lake Outpost

Thunder Lake, a mere 25-minute boat ride north of Hidden Lake Outpost, is a haven for trophy Northern Pike, thanks to its wraparound bays and cabbage weed-filled inlets. As you emerge from the channel, the lake unfolds before you, teeming with promising fishing spots.

From Thunder Lake, venture to Blue Walleye Lake, reachable only by canoe. Here, you’ll have the chance to fish for the “Blue Pike,” the first-known Walleye species. While you’re required to release all Blue Pike you catch, it’s a fascinating experience to see just how different the Blue Pike species is from the Walleye we commonly fish for today.

A Trophy Northern Pike Haven

The last fishing area in this remarkable wilderness is Elliot Lake, which has earned its reputation as a trophy Northern Pike haven. Elliot Lake, spanning 32,000 acres with an average depth of 8 feet, is rich in 50+ inch Northern Pike. These majestic Pike inhabit the numerous cabbage weed beds scattered throughout the lake, even in its central waters. With an abundance of baitfish and weedy bays, Elliot Lake also provides plenty of excellent Walleye fishing spots if you take a break from the quest for trophy Northern Pike.

Unparalleled Fishing Vacation with Cobham’s Outpost Fishing Cabins

Cobham’s remote Canadian fly-in fishing outpost camps, nestled in the pristine Manitoba wilderness, offer a truly exceptional fishing vacation experience with our fly-in outpost fishing cabins.

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Northern Pike
Northern Pike
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Salmon Coho (Silver)

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